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Function to import Meshlab picked points (*.pp) into R

Recently, I’ve been using the ‘PickPoints’ feature of Meshlab to collect landmarks from 3D surface models of primate skulls. Meshlab exports landmark coordinates in uniquely formatted ‘PickedPoints’ files, which I want to read into R as 3D coordinate matrices. Here is an example of the files I am working with- this one decribes 3 points, or landmarks, named “p1”, “p2”, and “p3”:

<!DOCTYPE PickedPoints>
    <DataFileName name="surface.ply"/>
    <templateName name="template.pptpl"/>
  <point x="0.58" y="187.8" z="46.3" name="p1" active="1"/>
  <point x="0.09" y="169.2" z="31.9" name="p2" active="1"/>
  <point x="0.96" y="161.2" z="34.8" name="p3" active="1"/>

For some reason, the order of the <point/> parameters, x, y, z, name, and active, varies unpredictably in saved *.pp files. Failure to recognize this quirk doomed my first attempt at writing an import function. Below is the successful version of the function,read.pp, for reading *.pp files into R.

# function to read Meshlab *.pp files into R
read.pp <- function (file) {
	file <- readLines(file)
	lines <- file[grep("point", file)]
	x <- strsplit(lines, "x=\"")
	y <- strsplit(lines, "y=\"")
	z <- strsplit(lines, "z=\"")
	name <- strsplit(lines, "name=\"")
	mat <- matrix(0, length(x), 3)
	r <- c()
	for (i in 1:length(lines)) {
		mat[i,1] <- as.numeric(strsplit(x[[i]][2], "\"")[[1]][1])
		mat[i,2] <- as.numeric(strsplit(y[[i]][2], "\"")[[1]][1])
		mat[i,3] <- as.numeric(strsplit(z[[i]][2], "\"")[[1]][1])
		r <- c(r, strsplit(name[[i]][2], "\"")[[1]][1])
	rownames(mat) <- r 
	colnames(mat) <- c("x","y","z")

Import a single *.pp file like this:

# import a single file
coords <- read.pp("~/path/to/file.pp")

To import a set of *.pp files from a directory and format them as a 3D array, use read.pp and abind in a loop:

# load abind package

# list all the *.pp files in the specified directory
path = "~/path/to/directory/"
files <- paste(path, list.files(path, ".pp"), sep="")

# loop to import each *.pp file and bind it to an array
landmarks <- NULL
for (i in 1:length(files)) {
  landmarks <- abind(landmarks, read.pp(files[i]), along=3)

And that’s how you can pull your Meshlab landmarks into R!


The Morpho package has the function read.mpp for reading Meshlab picked points files into R, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe the “picked points” output changed under more recent versions of Meshlab? I am currently using Meshlab 2016, which produces files with the extension \*.pp, not \*.mpp.

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