About me

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I’m a recent PhD graduate with 9 years of experience analyzing data with R. I have a strong background in the social and biological sciences, as well as statistics and programming. For examples of my work, check out my blog or publications. You can also fork me on GitHub, follow me on Kaggle, or connect on LinkedIn!

Current status

I will be participating in the Insight Data Science Fellowship in Boston starting on September 10, 2018. I’m super excited for this opportunity to expand my data science skills and professional network! Until then, I’m spending my summer cramming in as much Python and machine learning as possible.

Past work

My academic research focused on the evolution and ecology of primates and parasites. Specific research topics included modeling the evolution of complex 3D shapes, quantifying the structure of primate social networks, characterizing the spatial scale of mosquito habitat preferences, and proving that tapeworms can kill monkeys. I’ve done some computer simulation-based statistical methods research and authored an R package for fitting Bayesian models of trait evolution.

In addition to my ‘real’ work, I do a lot of side projects that push my boundaries or teach me something new. For example, I recently scraped and analyzed 120 years of historical data on Olympic athletes and medal results from www.sports-reference.com, which introduced me to R packages for web scraping, drawing maps, and creating interactive plots. As another example, I used social network and sentiment analysis to break down data on users and tweets in a Twitterstorm, which introduced me to working with Twitter, text, and social network data.


I live in CT with my girlfriend, dog, and cat. Meet Cody the dog and Spock the cat.

Sorry about the eyeshine. I’ll get a good pic of them together one day!

Ice hockey

I play professional women’s ice hockey for the Connecticut Whale and internationally for Team Korea. Previously, I played varsity women’s ice hockey at Harvard University. When I’m not playing, I coach!

[Last updated: July 28, 2018]